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5 Easiest E-commerce Business Solutions

5 Easiest Ecommerce Business Solutions
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With the rise in the e-commerce industry, the majority of the entrepreneurs start involving in e-commerce business. With the easy to connect the audience, less investment, and growing opportunity, it makes it a prior choice for any beginner to start its e-commerce business. In 2020, anyone can easily build an e-commerce business by building an e-store with CMS. From woo-commerce to WordPress, you can easily choose any e-commerce web builder to manage your website.

To make your site online, you can also take cheap woocommerce hosting services that cost within budget. But the main hurdle for a beginner is always about choosing the best e-commerce business solution. With so many options, it gets difficult for beginners to decide anyone’s reliable eCommerce solution provider. Therefore, to make the process easy, this blog comes up with top e-commerce solution ideas that you could start from today.


This is one of the best e-commerce business solutions that could help you grow in the e-commerce industry. It works based on drag and drops functionality providing freedom of creativity to design your e-commerce business perfectly. Although Wix lacks many complicated features, but don’t think it is less powerful. As it targets users who prefer uncluttered and simple store configurations. As it is a free website builder, therefore it comes up with easy to use navigations for the beginners. With spending less amount of money, you can also enable its paid templates and more designs. 

This e-commerce business solution is a lot easier as compared to others. To get a professional-looking, streamlined web store, you can easily choose this business solution. Let’s take a look at the top pros of using Wix.

  • Efficient knowledge-based and customer support.
  • Short-term pricing structure.
  • Excellent site onboarding and configurations.
  • Fast and secure website building.


This is another easiest e-commerce business solution that can be started within a day. The real testimonials from top business owners give an edge over others. With Shopify, you create a beautiful storefront within 29 dollars a month. Besides this, it also has a large number of resources such as videos and podcasts. You can enjoy the added features and enhance the user experience through Shopify.


In today’s era, the most used e-commerce solution is woocommerce. With having core & extension models, it includes all the basic features necessary for any e-commerce store. From handling the requirements of small merchants to the big companies, it provides all in one solution. For a quick start, its basic software is enough for you. The top pros you enjoy with woocommerce are. 

  • Multiple product variants supported.
  • All-in-one website builder.
  • Easy to add new products. 
  • Highly scalable with lightweight. 


One of the attractive choices you can make is Bigcoomerce for your e-commerce business solution. From creating a beautiful store to attaching the products within a short period, you get complete accessibility. This easy e-commerce business solution provides you with several themes from which you can select the most suitable one. 


This is another e-commerce business solution that helps customers to grow their business. It states that within 15 years, volusion customers made more than 18 million dollars. It creates a fine-tuned eCommerce solution, making it easy for online visitors to buy products. The basic package starts from 15 dollars per month that is feasible for any small e-store to grow. 

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