5 Factors to Consider When Hiring A Animation Company

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Whiteboard animations are one of the many styles of video animations that can help in conveying a message in simple illustrations. If done correctly, it can work to increase traffic to your website as well as increase the conversion rates while helping you to generate more sales. 

With all its benefits, looking for a whiteboard video animation company can be highly challenging and exhausting. There are many companies offering animation services, but there are many factors to consider before hiring video animation services. 

High-quality illustrations are not the only factor that can help you determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a company. It is imperative for a company to be able to create an effective video that can attract the audience while conveying the brand’s message. Choosing the right services for your animated video can be evaluated by the following factors. 

1. A killer script

The foundation of a perfect video is an engaging script that can help the audience to understand the basic objective of the video. If the script of the video is not compelling, the chances are you will not have an attractive video to represent your brand. 

When evaluating the script, make sure to take a look at the outline to understand if it contains all the factors important to create an impact on the audience.

2. Choosing the right voiceover artist

Choosing the right gender for the voiceover is essential in making a compelling whiteboard animated video. According to a survey, the gender of the voiceover depends on the kind of industry you belong to. However, both males and females have the power of persuasion, which can influence the buyer to purchase the product.

3. Meaningful and engaging storyboard 

The storyboard is a description of the images that can set out the entire production process. This step can enable you to determine how the script will be interpreted. Make sure that the company you choose for the process doesn’t skip the storyboarding process so you can determine the changes in the script as well as the final stage of the video. 

4. High-quality illustrations

There are many production companies that claim to create high-quality illustrations. However, creating images and illustrations is not just about creating graphics needed for animation, but about being able to comprehend the script in an innovative way. Make sure to check the illustration to determine if it can leave an impression on the viewers. The right company must be creative and innovative at all times. 

5. The quality of animations

Once you have considered all the elements of animations, it is important to consider the quality of animations to make sure you choose the right company for your project. Make sure that the video is consistent in conveying the brand’s message. It must be able to elevate their previous work. The video quality is something that can convey the quality of the product. If they use poor quality to create their video, the chances are that you won’t use the video, which can be essential to make an impact on the audience.

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