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8 Reasons To Justify The Importance Of Facebook Likes For Your Website

8 Reasons To Justify The Importance Of
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Facebook page with the numerous likes is the house for brand exposure, cultivating relationships with the targeted audience. Facebook has made it easy for users to find you through the Facebook page. The more involvement of users in accessing Facebook has increased the importance of the likes for a Facebook page that can have a positive and effective impact on your website or business. But it is important to know why there is a need to have more Facebook likes for gaining popularity hence there are following reasons for the great importance for Facebook likes.

1. More Engaged Users 

As it has been observed that users that have great intensity to click on the likes of Facebook are more engaged and active. Then the average user as the active user has 2-4 times more amount of users than the normal users. These active likes click 5 times more links and external sites than the normal user so which ultimately adds to their engagement for Facebook.

2. Expression of Affinity 

FB likes to show that visitors have a great interest in your business and want so it indicates your affinity. That can lead to a more personalized relationship with the customers with a higher degree of engagement.

3. Enhance Email Marketing Capability

With more likes on the FB page, you can add the likes to your fan base. Once you add users in your fan base with the use of massaging feature you can send broadcast-style emails to all your fans and target them with a more tailored approach based on the age, gender and location.

4. Viral Syndication Of The Content

Whatever content you post on your Facebook page it gets appeared on the news feed of users which does not have 100% surety that it will be shared but if you have several likes for the content already then there are more chances that it will be shared by the users or fans.

5. Generate Traffic To The Website

Like button can serve you the purpose of generating traffic for your site as each time while liking the page your information will be shared with the users and his friends via news feed then it will boost up the chances for driving traffic for the website.

6. Be Part Of FB Graph

More likings for the FB page becomes the node for the Facebook Graph that will appear in the search and case of the product or service, it will get shown on the user’s profile then ultimately it will give advantage to you.

7. Effective Advertising Tool

Likes on FB works as the advertising tool for you as the Facebook advertising platform keep the record o likes that you got for your page then it highlights the heist likes’ page so ultimately it increases your accessibility to this data for the merchants that use the FB advertising tool to produce highly targeted ads and it means that merchants can achieve higher degree of relevance with their ads.

8. It leads To Insights

For the effective market research detailed data on the fan activity on the FB page and other information related to age, gender and location are essential so attachment to FB page provides the analytical component for this purpose which is called insights.

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