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Benefits Of Using Quora

In Quora’s own words, Quora is a place to acquire and share knowledge. It is a place to ask questions and connect with people who contribute to unique insights and high quality answered. It enables people to learn from each other and experience the world better. Quora has become a very popular platform in the world of the internet in the last few years. Quora is ranked in the top positions on many keywords in Google. Most of Quora’s traffic comes from Google, Bing and other search engines. The maximum of its traffic is organic. Only in India, Quora has the ability to get 43 Million visitors every day from Google. Quora also has a lot of its backlinks, which is a major reason for its high search engine rankings. Along with this, only in India, this site is ranked at 23, 91,000 + keywords.

How can you get benefit from using Quora as A Blogger?

A very good promotion platform for Quora bloggers has emerged. Every day people ask thousands of questions on Quora. You just have to answer the questions by choosing from them. By doing this, you can improve the rankings of your site. The work sounds very easy. This task is easy too, but what questions you have to answer, how to answer and what things to keep in mind. All these things only matter whether you can take advantage of it as a blogger or not. We know these things soon but first, let me tell you its benefits. You may know that we can divide the SEO process into two parts, namely, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Quora can basically help you as Off-Page SEO of your site. With further Quora in Off-Page SEO, you can get 2 types of benefits.

1. Create Backlinks

Backlinks-building is the most important part of off-page SEO. When you answer a question on Quora, you can give a link to any of your related, relevant and useful posts in it. But remember, give the link only if it has any usefulness in the overall answer. Do not waste spamming. It will not be of any use. By giving links to such useful articles in Quora’s answers, you are basically getting a backlink from Quora for your website or blog, which has very high value. The more website you get from a backlink, the more the domain authority is, the more its importance is. According to MOZ, its domain authority is 89, which is very much. In such a situation, if you get a backlink from different pages in Quora, then the ranking of your site or blog will also improve.

2. Increase Referral Traffic

This is another major benefit of using Quora. So as you know that Quora has a website with very high traffic, its ability to send referral traffic to another website or blog is equally high. As first I told you that you can include hyperlinks of useful, related and relevant articles of your site or blog in the answers. When your answer to a popular question will be at the top in Quora and your link will also be in the middle, then many people will redirect to your blog or website by clicking that link. In such a situation, you will be able to get a lot of referral traffic from Quora on your blog or website. Now you know the direct benefits of more traffic.

More Branding and Identity

To ask and answer questions on Quora, you have to create your account on it. Now your identity in the account is from your name, your photo and your area of interest or qualification. Whenever you post a question or answer it, your identity is mentioned in it, If you answer a lot of questions and your answers lead to a lot of views then your overall popularity and uniqueness increases. In such a situation, if you have a blog or website or a brand and you can establish a separate identity on Quora as your brand and in this way you can create your own authority.

Some tips to use Quora

I would like to share some tips with you which can prove beneficial for you in the context of Quora.
1 Give priority to the answers to the related questions related to the niche of your website. If your blog is about Digital Marketing, then the people related to digital marketing should answer the questions asked on Quora and In the answers, give links to related and relevant articles of your site. 2 Give priority to answer questions that have no answer or have fewer answers. 3 Create or answer questions that may be famous in the future. 4 Never add unnecessary links or spammy irrelevant links in answers. 5 Your answer should be useful according to the question. Use Images in Answers. 6. To understand the interface of Quora’s website and implement it step by step in a good way, you can watch the video below.
Thanks for reading this post, please comment your feedback and suggestions to improve our website.

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