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Cyber Bullies Are Floating On Tinder: Teens At Risk

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Cyber Bullies are everywhere in digital media and currently, they are making their safe havens on the world most popular instant messenger which is Tinder. Tinder social app is no doubt has one of the most fans following worldwide and young teenagers are using this social networking app more than anyone else. The presence of online bullies and majority users are teens, it could be very dangerous. Parents need to put their efforts to guide young kids and teens regarding the cons of using the social messaging application no time ever before. It is actually a dating site where young blood can meet online and according to their match-make their lives romantic and full of happiness, but on the other hand, it could be horrible results having a large number of online bullies at the same time. What really could happen and already happened on this particular social app.   

According to reports in the united states

Young kids and teens 35% have been bullied online; therefore it is the very scary thing to happen on tinder social app. 

Online kids & Teens

There is a huge strength of young kids and teens that are going online on a daily basis through their smartphones without having personal supervision by the parents, according to the McAfee. 

Over the last couple of year’s kids and teen that is bullied online has doubled one out of three victims, according to research work.  According to a poll, 35% of the young kids and teens from the age of 11 and 17 already have experience of cyberbullying as compared to the last two years. Almost four out of 10 said that they had witnessed that others being picked online and it has doubled almost 22% compared to the last year. 

The study also reportedly stated that there are large numbers of young kids and teens at the age of 15 or even below are using the dating sites and applications and Tinder is one of them. 

What should Parents do to prevent cyber Bullying? 

Parents have to open their years and eyes and do something to protect young kids and teens. They can use tinder spy app and keep their eyes on all activities which teens and kids do on the Tinder instant messaging application all day long until time of morning and to the time they go to sleep. Parents only have to use the tinder spy app, it enables them to swipe right like matchmaking friend list, they can even view messenger text chat and messages sent and received, parents can get their hands on social groups and chat conversations and share multimedia files such as videos audio and images. This is not all, through track tinder messenger app; a user can view Emojis, emoticons, stickers and Gifs files and already added friends and new matching friends. 


Tinder spy software is the best tool to safeguard the young kids and teens. Parents should use the one and only tinder spy app for teen’s bright future.

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