Guest Posting Guidelines


Our website is a guest posting website and our website has some guidelines. So you have to follow the following guest posting guidelines for posting your content on our website.

 Think before you start your journey with us.

  1. The article you want to publish it must be written in ENGLISH language only.
  2. Give unique and fair work. Unique means your post has never previously been published anyplace, including your website, and does not add any parts taken from a previously published content.
  3. Write a post related to our topics. Your post will be removed if your post will not be related to our topics.
  4. The article should be 85% + Grammarly scores.
  5. Keep headings and subheadings that surely describe your content.
  6. All articles &  posts must contain at least 850+ words. 
  7. Links should be appropriate to the website.
  8. Guest posts not allowed to post an external link in the first section of the article. If we got any external link in the first paragraph of the article or within 150 words then we make this link no-follow.

    9. Guest posting link will be permanent do-follow.

Note- Once the article is published on our website, it is the property of our website. 

 If you agree with these guidelines then you can send your content on following e-mail id.

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