With the abundance of high-quality mobile devices, video marketing is gaining immense popularity and research shows that by 2020, videos will make up to 80% of all internet traffic. Even today, 78% of people with internet access watch online videos every week and 55% watch them daily. No doubt that next to Google, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.

Why should you use video marketing to boost your business growth?

Taking this analogy, a Magento Development Company can enable you to build bite-sized videos on different aspects of your eCommerce business and leverage them effectively to increase traffic to your store and convert that into real sales. After all, consumer behaviour is influenced by the way people interact with online content, absorb information and take decisions. Research shows that website landing pages with video content have experienced an 80%  increase in conversions and email campaigns with the word “video” mentioned in the subject line showed a 19% higher open rate.

What makes video marketing more effective than other activity?

If you have an online store on the Magento platform, then video marketing will enable you to tell your product story in a way that relates to your customers and engages them. For example, you can:

  • Explain how to use your products and give a demo of the main features. 
  • Serving reviews of delighted customers.
  • Tell the story of your business and what you stand for.
  • Do a comparison – Your products versus your competitors.

Video content enables your customers to feel more comfortable with your product. They can see and feel it’s quality with their own eyes. When they share this content on social media, it increases your brand awareness and broadens your reach. Example – If a video becomes viral, the business benefits are huge.

What type of videos can you build for marketing?

Your Magento development company that built your online store can guide you on video content ideas that will resonate with your existing and potential customers. 

Short marketing videos

Short, concise and authentic videos that address the common questions of your customers, product features, new deals or offers, or the release date of a new product.

Product tutorial or how-to videos

How to use a product, what are its benefits and to address open questions people may have.

Animated product videos

You can create lively videos with digital animators. 

Set-up/ Installation or a product manual

With such a video you can explain to customers how to set-up their new product, or address their common questions. This serves better than a lengthy product manual.

Product reviews and testimonials

This can comprise an authentic video from customers on their experience in using your product.

Expert interviews

This involves interviewing experts or thought leaders who can talk about your product or a topic that is of interest to your customers. For example, if you sell herbal products online, then an interview on how herbal remedies can cure Diabetes will be a hit with your customers.

Facebook or Instagram Live

You can do live videos and talk to your followers in real-time.

Story-based videos

These videos describe your product and build a narrative around it that is remembered by your customers. 

Are there any tips to make marketing videos? 

Your Magento development company will fill you in with the tips and tricks, but do remember to:

  • Do research on your market segment and know your audience.
  • Set up your goals and KPIs preferably in writing.
  • Use expert tools and equipment.
  • Make a budget and invest in high-quality video.
  • We should write a short and crispy script.
  • we need to Insert a Call-to-action button.
  • Use expert tools and equipment.
  • Add appropriate music and voiceover.
  • Share the video extensively and try and make it viral.


Video marketing is a new technique to direct traffic to your online store and grow your business, but you must use this technique judiciously and in combination with other methods. 


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